About P3Mobility

About P3Mobility

About Us

We believe that the most impactful and effective way to improve safety, mobility, and sustainability is through Connected Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology. We also recognize the complexity that goes into deploying this technology, from high capital costs, technical knowledge, and policy decisions. P3Mobility partners with local governments and mobility companies to expedite the adoption of V2X technology. We provide solutions that facilitate financial transactions and revenue generation as well as consulting and advisory services for planning, developing, and operating a V2X ecosystem.


Our Solutions

Sustainable Model

Cost is one of the largest barriers to the widespread adoption of V2X technology. Our patent protected solutions enable drivers to subscribe and pay for “Smart Road Services”. These are subscription services that generate the revenue a public jurisdiction or infrastructure owner operator (IOO) needs to finance, build, operate, and maintain the V2X smart infrastructure. Examples of revenue generation smart road subscriptions include: Enhanced Safety, Traffic Signal Priority (TSP), Emergency Signal Preemption (ESP), Dedicated Lane Access (HOV or Tolling), and Congestion Pricing.

Enhanced Data

We capture high-resolution driving data from Connected Vehicles (CV) and the environment. While traditional telematics devices only capture a vehicle’s speed, we collect data on speed, trajectory, lane positioning, and traffic signal status. By capturing the status of other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects near a CV, we are able to provide a powerful source of data and the ability to generate new insights on driver behavior.

Road Usage Charging

Whether you call it road usage charging (RUC), vehicle miles traveled (VMT) fees, or mileage-based user fees (MBUF), there’s no question that infrastructure financing alternatives are necessary to maintain our roads. We utilize the existing V2X ecosystem standards to facilitate RUC. Our solution ensures that RUC reporting satisfies three fundamental criteria: consumer privacy, reliability, and seamless operation across multiple jurisdictions. A V2X-based solution is the only approach that can reasonably meet all three criteria while also enabling its other benefits.


P3Mobility’s Extended Transportation Spectrum (XTS) provides connectivity that meets the needs of Connected and Automated Vehicles’ advanced mobility and automotive technology use cases. XTS blends real and digital worlds vehicles, digital infrastructure, traditional infrastructure, VRUs, and other transportation technology interacts in real-time. Because XTS is dedicated to transportation, it provides a safety-critical guarantee and reliability that cellular networks don’t provide.

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