Building connected roads which lead to a better future.

Building connected roads which lead to a better future.

We partner with local governments to deploy Smart Road technology for increased safety and we bring the tools to generate the revenue that pays for it.

Mobile Internet Connectivity

ITS or Intelligent Transportations Systems encompasses radio spectrum that enables Internet connectivity to any consumer device in the vehicle, such as a Smartphone or tablet computer. In fact, an onboard device licensed to use the ITS spectrum can become a “hot-spot” for Internet access, in the same way, that your residential Wi-Fi router offers an alternative path for a Smartphone data needs

Traffic Signal Priority

What we really mean is intelligent signalized intersections. We are enabling existing traffic signal controllers to adapt to all variations in traffic flow. How often have you waited at a signalized intersection, particularly outside of rush hours, when there is no one driving through the green signal while yours is red? These situations, while subject to strict safety protocols, can be managed with much more flexibility than has ever before been the case.

Managed Traffic Lanes

Do you live in a place where the transportation authorities are planning preferential treatment to multiple occupancy vehicles or new types of automotive technology, such as zero emissions vehicles or Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)? What about allowing ride-sharing services such as Uber or car-sharing services such as GM’s Maven to use dedicated lanes? How much would people in your community pay to escape the traffic and enjoy a fast lane?

Bird’s Eye View

We are building a wireless ecosystem in which both the on-board electronics in vehicles and the electronic roadside infrastructure, share real-time information about the current traffic situation in the immediate vicinity. We can provide the ingredients required to activate a safe, reliable and trustworthy flow of information in this ecosystem including lane closures, road surface conditions, vehicles signaling lane changes or turns, pedestrians, cyclists and more. The result is a “bird’s eye view” of what’s happening up ahead, available for any vehicle equipped with the required on-board device.

Safety Message Network

The concept of intelligent signalized intersections grants “autonomy” to each traffic signal so that it has a degree of local decision-making traffic management authority. We enable each intelligent intersection to secure the safety of everyone using it. This ensures that on-board devices are alerted instantaneously about threats, such as vehicles approaching at dangerous speeds and possibly running a red light. Our ecosystem can almost guarantee the elimination of the dangers associated with blind intersections. How valuable is an on-board device which can provide early warnings to avoid T-bone collisions?

Let’s Remove the Visual Clutter

What your city would look like if all the roadway signage disappeared and was replaced by, say, trees? What if all speed limits, traffic directions and parking regulations went directly into your Smartphone? What if restaurants and shops could deliver commercial messages to passing vehicles in the same way, reaching your Smartphone with advertising targeted to time and location? We think that this is the future of location-based commercial messaging, and we are positive that it will bring significant improvements to the quality of urban life.

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